Circadian Ritual – “Befallen” (Recording/Mixing/Production)

Highgraves – Out Of The Light” (Recording/Mixing)

Twinkie Jiggles Broken Orchestra – “Fat Jodie” (Recording/Mixing/Production)

Ghostmouth – “The Wisdom Of Insecurity” (Recording/Mixing/Production)

Cassondra Lea – “Nightmare” (Recording/Mixing/Production)

Curtiss A(MN Beatles Project) – “Goodnight” (Recording/Mixing/Production)


Sacha Mullin – “Whelm” (Mastering)

The Mystery Train – “Shake It All Night” (Mastering)

Louis Pagan – “Cast Them Out As Null” (Mastering)

Kingfisher – “I Can’t” (Mastering)

Live Recording

Andres Prado Ensemble (video by Justin Staggs)

Adi Yeshaya (video by Justin Staggs)

Sean McMahon (video by Justin Staggs)