Making Verbs 2.0

Made proper presets for as much of the McNally Smith campus as I’ve captured. If you’re curious to how most of them were done consult the previous making verbs post here:

Making Verbs

The addition spaces added where the Record Lab Office, and the Cafe

The Record Lab office was captured by removing everything, even the shelving from the office resulting in an approx 20′ long and 6′ wide hallway with a “gate” on one wall approx 4′ wide. When open the gate allows “access” to an identical sized hallway doubling the width of the space so to speak. This space was captured both with the gate up and gate down.

The Cafe was captured while renovation to the fire suppression was happening. The entire ceiling grid was removed exposing a honey comb concrete ceiling, all furniture, wall treatment and PA equipment was also gone. We set the speaker up on the stage and captured about 3/4 of the way back where flutter echos where minimized.


Without further ado, here’s the files. Again, these are set up as presets for the Waves IR plugins. I have included wav files if you wish to try and adapt them to a different convolution reverb.

McNally Smith Reverbs 2.0