Gobo Designs

So a few years ago a college and I modified a design for a rather robust studio gobo. The original plan was derived from the Abby Road gobo which you can read about here

We then took a set of plans and modified them to suit our needs a little better. What was left was a very effective design that isolates superbly. Below is a link to a .zip file for the plans and modified BOM in order to build your own.

Download Files

Here is a link to an image gallery for yet a further modified design in which I eliminated the slates and dead space cavity and filled both sides with covered rigid fiberglass. I also removed the wheel plate option.

And finally if you’re interest less in absorption and more in cosmetic appeal and possible reflection (think band shell) here is an easily made, collapsable, and transparent shield design I made for a string quartet playing outside looking to keep their natural backdrops yet get more sound to project forward. The legs were made using wood 2×2 and wrought iron fencing that could detach from it’s “foot.”

Plexiglass Gobo

Happy to answer questions if you’re attempting to build them on your own, and of course I’m happy to talk about commissioning some builds as well. Enjoy!