Aaron Hodgson
Minneapolis, MN

Raised in NW Iowa, I started playing in bands and putting on DIY shows in a rather barren musical landscape.  I transferred life to Iowa City to attend UIowa. After what seemed like eons of my life I finally completed a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Shortly thereafter I realized I couldn’t be contained to a cubicle and computer screen for the rest of my life. I decided to pursue music again. I moved to Minneapolis and attended McNally Smith College of Music, and garnered all the knowledge to record like an adult. Every once and a while you will find me out doing live sound or schlepping semi loads of gear. I’m not above anything and I want to be involved in whatever I can. As far as philosophy towards recording, I don’t believe in any right or wrong way to do anything. Pigeon holing yourself into that belief will keep you stuck in ruts of churning out the same generic BS that everyone can. So do something different, do it wrong, learn and make it right. Every situation is different and there’s no telling what will or won’t work without taking the jump off the cliff first.

I do regular repair work for Eclipse Music in West Saint Paul, MN as well as a variety of studios listed on the Client Page.

I also ride the heavy riff in Kult Of The Wizard